Chapter 13

Are you having trouble paying your monthly bills? With to today's troubling economy, there are many hard-working Florida residents are in the same boat. Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a good way to save your home and keep it from going into foreclosure.

When you need smart legal advice on filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, who should you turn to? The Law Offices of L. Bruce Swiren, P.A., Attorneys at Law offers more than 30 years of combined attorney experience helping people get a second chance.

Filing bankruptcy is confusing for people, and the confusion begins with the bankruptcy means test. Our attorneys explain how the means test works and how it affects your choice in filing for bankruptcy. We focus on providing informed, cost effective counsel for people who are struggling financially, including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Please visit our Bankruptcy FAQ's and our Bankruptcy Articles pages for additional information.

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What's Involved in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In order to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you need to have enough income to make the monthly payments of your debt reorganization plan. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a good way to pay down or eliminate your debt, and you can stay in your home and keep your car.

In order to qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you need a regular income and to complete credit counseling from an approved agency. We'll be glad to give you a list of local providers.

You also need to pass the bankruptcy means test. If your secured debt (house or car) or unsecured debt (credit card or medical bills) are below certain limits, you may qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If your debts exceed those limits, our attorneys can help you look at alternatives, including Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Getting a Fresh Start

Under this plan, you agree to repay some or all of your debts over 36 or 60 months, including regular monthly payments on your house and car.

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