Orlando Probate and Estate Administration Lawyers

At the office of L. Bruce Swiren, P.A., Attorneys at Law, we provide probate and estate administration services to individuals and families in Orlando and throughout central Florida, including out-of-state relatives with executor duties. Our experienced guidance helps executors meet their obligations and beneficiaries pursue their rights, while reducing the stress and confusion of the probate process.

If your loved one has recently passed away and you need the advice of an Orlando probate attorney, please call us at 407-287-5137 or toll free 877-806-7949 for a free initial consultation.

Orange County Estate and Probate Law Attorneys

If you are looking for a probate lawyer to advise you, or are seeking a Florida attorney to handle ancillary probate issues for your client out-of-state, we can help.

Our firm has more than 35 years of experience handling the various forms of probate. Using our understanding Florida law, we work to make the probate administration process as smooth as possible while providing attentive, responsive service to meet your individual needs. We also have experience in real estate, which is beneficial if you need to sell property or transfer real estate titles according to the terms of a will.

To learn more about probate and our services, please see the following:

There are estate planning methods that can be used to help keep property out of probate court, including setting up a trust. See our estate planning page to learn more.

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If you need help administering an estate in Florida, you can rely on our lawyers to inform you of your rights and walk you through the process. Contact our Orland law offices today for a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We have Spanish speakers on staff.