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Is probate a bad thing?

There are many opinions about the probate process. The one thing that is a fact is that it is the legal process by which the state of Florida carries out your last wishes and legally administers your estate. Beyond that, everything you hear is mainly just individual's...

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What is the Medicare stop hand icon?

Making the choice of a Florida nursing home for your parent is never an easy process. There are many things that you must consider to ensure the facility will provide a safe and healthy space for your parent. To help make the process better for you, the government has...

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What to know about title defects

A title search is an important stage in buying a Florida home because it helps to make sure that you are purchasing a property with no outstanding problems. You do not want to buy a home only to find that another party has a claim on it, a claim that might derail the...

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What is elder law?

There is no doubt that it is important for society to look out for its most vulnerable members. These include children and the elderly. This has led to a specific area of law developing to focus on the older members of society. Elder law helps to watch out for issues...

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