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Like-kind exchanges and property

Landlords and business owners may consider swapping properties during their careers, but have to contend with capital gains taxes in case their property sale nets them profit. Having that profit can help in securing a new property, though, which is where a 1031...

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What are some signs of elder abuse?

If you have elderly loved ones, such as older parents, it is likely they need some degree of help in their daily lives. In addition to the help you provide, your senior relative may be assisted by nursing home staff or by a home caregiver. They may even be assisted by...

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Understanding ancillary probate

You may never have heard of ancillary probate and have no idea what it means. However, if you are the administrator of an estate of a person who owned property in Florida, ancillary probate is a topic you may have to deal with. Therefore, you should understand what it...

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Understanding emotional elder abuse

Elder abuse affects roughly 10% of American seniors over the age of 60, and this is just a figure from the reported cases. Many cases of elder abuse go unreported each year because the victim feels embarrassed, ashamed or they do not understand they are being abused....

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