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Protecting Your Legacy
For more than 35 years, individuals, families and businesses in Florida have relied on our law firm for help. You can too, call today for a free initial consultation.

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Avoid estate-planning complications

While no one wants to think about their own death, financially planning for such a situation can leave family members better off. There are a variety of ways to ensure that those left behind are secure; estate planning can often range to setting up trusts to putting together a living will. In some cases, not all estate planning attempts to go as planned.

The importance of keeping up with estate planning

It is not uncommon for people living in Florida to put off estate planning. Additionally, many people who set up their estate planning documents consider the job done and do not update them regularly. Few individuals are comfortable thinking about their own mortality, and many people figure they can deal with wills and trusts later in life. However, failing to create and keep up with these documents can leave family members in a difficult situation.

Estate planning not only for the elderly

While many Orlando individuals may believe that estate planning is only an issue to be considered by the ultra wealthy and the elderly, even young people can benefit from the use of estate planning. By completing wills, healthcare proxies and power of attorneys, young people can take the steps to protect their assets and make their preferences known to family members.

Florida business owner uses will to give bird store to friend

For people with assets to protect, planning out a method to transfer those assets after death is vital to prevent unnecessary devaluation and ensuring that the assets are given to the proper heirs. Creating a last will and testament is one method of making sure that the estate owner's wishes are eventually met. Using wills and other estate planning instruments, owners can effectively preserve properties or businesses, as was seen in the recent transfer of one Florida business.

Stepdaughter may become heir to murdered millionaire's estate

Estate planning is a helpful legal method for specifying how personal assets will be distributed in the event of death. The actual execution of a last will and testament, however, can be hindered by complicated family dynamics or disagreements with the prearranged terms. When the benefactor's death is related to the injurious actions of a potential beneficiary, further legal evaluation may be necessary to determine who is eligible to inherit the estate.

Trends in estate planning put emphasis on values

Modern families often involve complex relationships, and sometimes this complexity can make decisions difficult during the estate planning process. Individuals creating wills may need to consider stepchildren, divorces, adoptions and other nontraditional family structures. With these issues in mind, our Orlando readers might be interested to hear that benefactors are beginning to use personal values to divide property in their wills.

Court approves settlement in suit against stalker's estate

Estate planners use a variety of legal instruments, such as trusts and wills, to distribute an estate's assets. In the wake of a person's passing, there may be tasks related to estate administration that can involve dealing with claims against the estate. The cases are often more difficult to resolve, especially when more than one court is involved.

Homeless man, heir to $300 million fortune, found dead

Individuals who wish to distribute their estates among their heirs may accomplish this with a variety of legal instruments such as wills and trusts. Estate planning should cover as many contingencies as possible to ensure that the beneficiaries receive their shares of the estate. Readers in Florida may have heard about the following case involving a dispute over a large estate.

Recluse dies without will; lone cousin inherits millions

When someone dies, that person may leave behind assets for family and friends. If the deceased does not leave behind specific instructions for distributing those assets, he or she has no control over where the assets go. Planning ahead by writing a last will and testament is the best way to ensure assets end up where you intend them to go. Orlando readers may find that the story of a reclusive man provides a good example of the need for estate planning.

Pending tax changes send rich looking for trust help

Inheritance taxes are a major concern for many who have amassed financial wealth or physical property. Federal and state lawmakers are constantly making changes to tax law, and trust and wills can quickly become a matter of importance when laws change or expire. Our readers in Orlando, Florida, may be interested to hear of the rush on trust and estate lawyers due to Bush-era tax cuts that are currently headed for expiration at the end of this year.

Protecting Your Legacy
For more than 35 years, individuals, families and businesses in Florida have relied on our law firm for help. You can call today for a free initial consultation.

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