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Estate planning for Florida snowbirds

Estate planning is vital, especially for older persons. Wills, living trusts, insurance trusts and other trust forms can help ensure that a person's assets are divided in the fashion that the person wishes, instead of by probate courts and other outside agents, such as tax collectors. Elder law varies from state-to-state, and those who may split time between Florida and another state need to strive to understand how multiple addresses may affect their estate planning.

Remember your IRA in your estate plan

There are many issues to consider when deciding distribution of your property and assets to your heirs. It is important to consider all of your financial accounts as you begin to work on estate planning, including any retirement accounts you may hold.

Estate planning requires awareness of here and now

People are often advised to put their affairs in order to prepare for contingencies. Estate planning can ensure that a person's wishes are honored and help minimize future tax implications. When transferring assets according to an estate plan, however, it is important to keep current obligations in mind.

Questions about estate planning? Local seminars may help

Many Floridians struggle every year with the often-difficult process of planning their estates to ensure that their families and loved ones are covered for the future. Estate planning is a major event in the lives of many people. And a well-crafted plan will cover a wide variety of contingencies and eventualities. Those who are ready to start the process of crafting their plan through the use of such tools as trusts or wills should do so with the help of an attorney so they fully understand the many laws and regulations that are a part of successful estate planning.

Delayed payment plan questioned in Whitney Houston's will

Parents in Orlando want to make sure their children are safe, secure and well taken care of. One of the ways in which parents can protect their children is by creating a clear and intentional last will and testament that outlines their wishes for after they are gone. This will likely include instructions on how heirs and beneficiaries should collect assets assigned to them.


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