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Personal Injury

After a personal injury accident, financial uncertainty adds to the pain and suffering of individuals and families. Mounting medical costs, lost earnings and disability concerns add to the stress of your recovery. At the office of Swiren Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando, our personal injury attorneys help clients throughout Florida hold reckless drivers, careless health care professionals and manufacturers of dangerous products financially accountable for injuries caused by their negligent actions.

From our offices in Orlando, Florida, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Swiren Law Firm, P.A., have provided clients with cost-effective service and quality legal representation for over 50 years.

Contact us if you or a family member has been injured in a car or truck accident, in a fall down an unsafe stairway or as a result of a medical mistake. We are ready to help you pursue just financial compensation for your injuries in a variety of cases, including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida’s roads and highways carry millions of vehicles every year, and accidents are an unfortunate reality. If you were injured in a car accident, truck crash, motorcycle accident or a bicycle or pedestrian accident, our personal injury lawyers are ready to help. We pursue the compensation you need and deserve for your pain and suffering, medical bills, wage loss and other damages caused by your accident injuries.

Medical Malpractice

No one expects to be injured when seeking medical assistance. If you are injured due to the negligence of a health care facility or medical professional, we can help you. We address malpractice issues such as doctor or nurse mistakes, surgical errors, misdiagnosis, drug errors and other medical malpractice concerns.

Premises Liability

Owners and operators of apartment buildings, shopping malls, parks and other public and private properties are responsible for providing safe premises. We can help with claims involving dog bites and other animal attacks, slip-and-fall accidents, poor lighting, assaults due to negligent security and other injuries caused by dangerous property conditions.

At our firm, our experienced attorneys pride themselves on providing cost-effective solutions to all your personal injury matters. Whether you are injured by a car crash, a mistake at a hospital or through a dog owner’s negligence, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests.

Don’t let a personal injury accident put your financial future in jeopardy. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Swiren Law Firm, P.A., and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case with an experienced legal professional committed to helping you find the compensation you need and deserve.