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What Happens When Someone Passes On Without A Will?

Crafting a will is an important part of the estate planning process. People across Florida have much at stake, and there are important consequences if you do not write a will. At Swiren Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys want to keep you informed of the many challenges facing your family if you do not have a set will before you pass away.

Property Risks

Risks to property come in many ways when you do not have your wishes outlined in your will. It can be anything from small keepsakes to the entirety of your home. If people have to rely on memories rather than documentation, it will lead to confusion and disruption.

Legal Risks

Without a will in place, the decisions for your estate will be left with the probate court where a judge will divide your estate and distribute it according to the law. In this case, your wishes will not be taken into account. The court will divide your estate based strictly on the law of succession.


With uncertainty over personal property and legal concerns, families can experience so much stress. The problems between family members can grow into truly damaging disputes. Passing on with no will leaves your family with no plan to move forward. Uncertainty like this has a way of lingering and causing pain down the line for the people you care about.

Draft A Will As Soon As Possible

These are some of the main issues that arise when someone does not have a will in place. The exact issues with regard to taxation and estate disputes are complex and require detailed attention to your questions.

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