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Our Estate Plans Are Customized To Each Client

Wills and trusts need to cover a great many contingencies. At the law office of Swiren Law Firm, P.A., our estate planning lawyers will listen to your objectives and develop an estate plan that meets your requirements. With more than 50 years of experience, our Florida estate planning lawyers can assure that you have the estate planning documents you need in place.

With doctors and medical professionals being restricted from sharing complete medical details with families due to increasingly strict HIPAA regulations, having a comprehensive estate plan in place has never been more important. This way, your wishes for medical care, distribution of your estate, and financial matters can be communicated and honored even if you are not able to communicate them yourself.

We Create Comprehensive Plans To Protect Your Future

Our firm views each client on an individual basis. Though many individuals may create similar types of documents, each estate planning document is personalized and customized to meet each client’s wishes and goals. We listen to clients and design a plan that is in their best interests.

Below are some of the types of documents that we assist in creating. Contact us to discuss these further.

Last will and testament: Does your family know how your property should be divided? Make sure you have a last will and testament that makes your intentions clear to all concerned.

Trusts: Our estate planning law firm can help you determine whether a trust would be in your best interests — whether you need a living trust (revocable trust), an irrevocable trust, a support trust for children, a charitable trust, an insurance trust or another kind of trust, our attorneys can provide the specialized advice and documents that are right for you.

Durable power of attorney: At some time in the future, if you are unable to make financial or medical decisions for yourself, who will make those decisions? A durable power of attorney can establish responsibility and guidelines.

Health care directive and living will: At your direction, our estate planning lawyers can help you with a living will and a health care directive (HIPAA compliant) that will guide relatives and health care providers when determining medical decisions.

Business succession planning: We are able to help the owners of family-owned or closely held businesses structure a plan that details their intentions for the business in the event of their incapacitation or death.

Our firm also provides assistance and guidance to clients dealing with probate and trust or estate administration issues.

Contact a lawyer at our firm today to learn more about your estate planning options during a free initial consultation.