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Our Real Estate Services

Buying, selling and leasing property in Florida involve an extraordinary level of legal detail. To assure your real estate transaction meets all legal requirements and protects your rights and interests, contact the real estate lawyers at the law firm of Swiren Law Firm, P.A., in Orlando.

At our office, we confidently handle commercial and residential real estate transactions, as well as landlord-tenant issues, time-share questions and international real estate transactions. This includes:

  • Residential real estate: When buying or selling a home, both buyer and seller need to know the details of the transaction, including title searches and financing.
  • Real estate brokers and realtors: Our law firm can handle all aspects of our clients’ real estate sale or purchase — contracts, escrow services, mortgages, title insurance and closing and the details of the transaction, including title searches and financing.
  • Old Republic National Title Insurance Company: Our law firm can provide title insurance and title information for your residential or commercial transactions.
  • Commercial real estate: Buying or selling business property needs close attention to all details of the transaction, from tax issues and title insurance to the final closing.
  • Like-kind exchanges (1031) : Are you planning a like-kind exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code? Our real estate law firm can help you identify opportunities, negotiate and finalize the like-kind exchange.
  • International real estate transactions: Our real estate attorneys work with foreign individuals and businesses buying or selling Florida real estate property.
  • Time-share questions and landlord-tenant issues: Our attorneys can answer any questions about time-share memberships, security deposits or resolving landlord-tenant issues.
  • Real estate questions: Whatever your real estate questions, you can entrust them to a law firm that is thoroughly knowledgeable about Florida real estate law and will provide direct, accurate answers.

Call 877-806-7949 to discuss your real estate needs, or contact us online.