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Florida woman wants property of murdered husband

The distribution of assets to an estate's heirs is the primary purpose of estate administration. Estate planning should also include asset protection, which involves preventing these assets from being used in ways the estate's owner did not intend. Readers in Orlando will be interested in an estate dispute involving a murder conviction.

Florida trust administrator guilty of hiding jewels from government

Legal instruments such as trusts and wills specify the distribution of someone's personal property to the estate's beneficiaries. Trust administration is typically an orderly process when it is handled properly. The following story shows how trust administration can be greatly complicated by an administrator's alleged illegal acts.

Deputies arrest dad for spending his daughter's inheritance

An inheritance can include a wide range of items, including money and real property. People typically use a will or trust to ensure that their assets are properly distributed after they die, and there are laws regulating the distribution of an inheritance. Readers in Orlando will be interested to learn about a case in which a father has been accused of improperly spending his daughter's inheritance.

Computer Associates inheritance creates new billionaires

The smooth transfer of assets is the goal of any estate plan, whether the assets are to go to the estate holder's children or to a collection of preferred charities. For Orlando residents, no matter the size of the estate, some planning is needed to ensure that the desires of the asset holders are met. The larger the desired asset transition, the more planning must go into making sure that the transfer proceeds as planned. If done well, even billions of dollars in assets can be inherited without spending years in court or seeing the value of the assets drop significantly.


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