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Implementing living wills in Florida

Drafting a living will depends on many factors, most of which involve the patient's level of illness or state of health. A living will basically states that if a person is close to passing away, due to a terminal illness or any other kind of condition, medical intervention should not be used as a means of prolonging the dying process.

Will the IRS take 42 percent of Tony Soprano's estate?

Fans in Florida of the former HBO television series The Sopranos know that crime boss Tony Soprano was played by actor James Gandolfini. During the run of the series, the Tony Soprano character was forced to whack rivals who posed a threat to the Soprano organization.

Trusts and estate planning

Florida residents who are thinking about estate planning may assume that all that they need is a will. A will enables people to name who will take care of their children if they are not able to and who will manage their children's assets, and it is also often used to determine who will receive someone's property when they pass on. While a will is an important part of estate planning, trusts can also be beneficial.

Tips for developing an estate plan

In the minds of many people in Florida and across the nation, estate planning is about as glamorous as doing taxes. In order to pass on wealth to the next generation or designated beneficiaries, most people need more than wills in today's legal climate.

Everyone needs estate planning

Florida residents may be interested to learn that it doesn't require vast wealth to plan for the distribution of an estate. Owning basic things, like a house, cars or other real property, makes estate planning important so all the assets go where the holder intends. Experts say people are never too young to prepare for the future. It is also recommended that in addition to a will, estate planning should encompass a health care power of attorney, a power of attorney and possibly a trust.


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