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Necessary estate planning documents

Florida individuals who have put off creating an estate plan because they think that this is only a matter for older individuals to tend to may be mistaken in this belief. In fact, estate planning can address more than just what happens upon a person's death.

Important healthcare documents for estate planning

Many adults with elderly parents take an active role in their parent's health care. In order to comply with Florida laws and federal privacy regulations, caregivers need to complete two estate planning documents. Properly drafted health care powers of attorney and HIPPA release forms ensure that adult children or other caretakers are able to get the information they need to help their loved ones make medical decisions.

Trust provisions that can protect heirs

Many Florida residents who have accumulated wealth hope to pass their fortunes down to their children and grandchildren. They are often concerned, though, that the money will be used wisely. One way for a person to ensure that their money they worked so hard for is spent appropriately is to set up a trust, allowing the grantor to set up specific instruction for how the assets will be disbursed to heirs.

Estate planning in the digital age requires new considerations

Florida residents who are thinking about how to structure an estate plan may be interested in an article detailing some of the issues that come along with the modern focus on digital assets. The article also discusses some steps to take to secure these assets for a person's beneficiaries.


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