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What are the signs of elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It is a sad fact that many elderly people are vulnerable to abuse. Abuse can come from fellow family members, the staff at nursing homes and even uncaring spouses. Being able to identify the common signs of elder abuse is imperative to ensure your loved one receives the help he or she needs.

According to WebMD, elder abuse occurs to people who are aged 60 or older. There are different types of abuse that can occur, which can result in a range of negative effects for the victim. Along with physical abuse that results in bodily harm and suspicious injuries, the elderly can also be subject to emotional or psychological abuse. This can entail controlling behavior, insults, or even ignoring a person when he asks for help.

Signs of emotional abuse include unexplained depression, especially in a person who has never experienced the issue before. A senior may also exhibit withdrawn behavior or have problems sleeping. The person may also show behavioral changes that cannot be easily explained. Abuse and neglect often occur simultaneously, and both can be disturbing to loved ones of the victim.

Many elderly people require some level of care, which can be provided by a professional caregiver, family member, or some other loved one. This can include everything from help with bathing and grooming to meal preparation, and this care is most necessary for people with mobility issues. If a person is not heating a nutritious diet, she may be lethargic or experience significant weight loss. If the person’s grooming needs are not being met, she might appear dirty or unbathed or wear the same clothing many days in a row. Bed sores may also form and a person might develop rashes or other skin issues.