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Helping your loved one deal with elder abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Elder Law | 0 comments

Elder abuse is prevalent, and this abuse can be difficult for victims for many reasons. Aside from the actual abuse, those who have been subjected to mistreatment may feel hopeless and lose the will to continue forward in life. Moreover, they may wrongly believe that they are unable to do anything about what they have been through and they may allow themselves to continue to be subjected to abuse. It is imperative for you to step in and help your family member if you believe or are positive that they have been abused.

Elder abuse manifests in a lot of ways, whether it is physical, verbal or sexual. Some people do not realize that financial abuse is also widespread, and that many older adults have been taken advantage of in this manner as well. The consequences of elder abuse include injuries, mental trauma, financial hardships and devastating emotional problems. It is extremely important for victims of abuse to have a good understanding of their options and for their loved ones to offer as much support as possible.

Depending on what your loved one has been through, legal action may be an option. This could help them not only from a financial viewpoint, but it may help restore their sense of justice and hope for their future. These cases can be complex and may involve many details, so it is critical to make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed any details related to the case that could affect how it plays out in court. We have written about other topics related to elder abuse as well.