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Probate and your duties as an executor

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Estate Administration, Probate | 0 comments

The probate process can be daunting for a host of reasons, and this is especially true for those who have been given the responsibility of managing a loved one’s estate plan after they pass away. Sometimes, people do not realize all of the obligations that come with this role, and those who find themselves accused of breaching their fiduciary duties may face additional complications from a legal point of view. For example, a beneficiary may be upset that assets were allegedly distributed improperly.

As an executor, it is up to you to ensure that you abide by the law and fulfill your legal obligations with respect to your loved one’s estate plan. Unfortunately, this can be tricky for some people who may lack familiarity with the probate process. Moreover, those who may be living in another state may face additional challenges when it comes to handling their family member’s estate plan and the probate process. Sometimes, even those who do abide by their duties find themselves in the middle of a tricky situation. For example, a beneficiary may take legal action over a misunderstanding or disagreement. Sometimes these lawsuits are based on lies and unfairly target executors.

We realize how challenging probate can be for executors, especially for those who are not aware of what their role will require them to take on and for those who have deep emotional pain after losing someone they love. However, it is vital for executors to address any confusion and clear up uncertainty right away. Moreover, executors should be prepared to stand up for themselves when necessary.