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How do you pick a good executor?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2020 | Estate Planning | 0 comments

Florida residents like you work hard to build up your estate. It makes sense that you want your estate plan to handle everything about your estate with care. You want to ensure the right things go to the right people. To do this, you must have a good executor.

But how do you pick a good executor? What are the signs of one? Today, we will take a look at the answer to that question.

How an executor clicks with you

HuffPost discusses ways to choose the right executor. There are two separate factors to look at. First, how do they click with you as a person? Second, what are their qualities as a leader? The first is important because your executor handles your affairs after you pass. They communicate your desires to your loved ones. It is important to feel like management of your estate is in trustworthy hands. Does your executor hold the same core values and principles? Do you think they would make the same decisions as you? If so, it is a sign they may fit your plan well.

An executor’s leadership qualities

Qualities as a leader are also important. After all, an executor is a leadership role. It is their job to manage your assets. They will need to deal with the legal aspects of probate. Not only that, but they must also interact with your grieving loved ones. They should have strong organizational skills. They should also have strong people and communicative skills.

When you find a person who fits both of these requirements, you have a good pick for your executor. Just make sure to speak to them about the possibility well in advance.