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How can you help your loved one prepare for long term care?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Elder Law | 0 comments

As your parents or loved ones age, you may find that long term care options are becoming more important to research and review. 

Learning some tips for helping your loved one choose a place that fits with the lifestyle he or she wants can make the transition easier and smoother. 

Discuss needs

According to the Mayo Clinic, many older people start to think more seriously about what level of care they need as they age. Daily personalized care ranges from help with bathroom usage and getting dressed to less intense aid, such as some basic assistance with meals. Knowing what amount your loved one feels comfortable receiving can help you narrow your search for long term care facilities. 

Speak plainly

Some elderly people may feel intimidated by the move from a house to long term care. Talking plainly and honestly about what to expect can help ease your loved one’s mind, as well as provide you with ideas about what kind of care is important to him or her. 

Sometimes a loved one cannot see the benefits of living in a facility until you discuss it more frequently. Keeping an open dialogue can help you point out health or social benefits that he or she may get from moving into long term care. 

Plan for the future

Even if your loved one does not plan to move in the near future, planning for later on can help you both feel more at ease. Discussing and visiting any serious options together is also a great way to learn more about how daily life works in a long term care facility.