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How serious are falls for elder adults?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Elder Law | 0 comments

As adults age, slips and falls become more dangerous. According to the CDC, millions of people over 65 fall each year. While some falls end in minor injuries, older adults have a higher risk of severe injuries.

When caregivers neglect a senior’s environment, the chances of falling multiply.

Common hazards at home and in nursing facilities

Healthcare providers should take time to review a senior’s surroundings to ensure there are fewer fall hazards. Older adults who have trouble balancing, vision problems or lower body weakness may require extra help to move from place to place. Likewise, any throw rugs or clutter in a room can become dangerous obstacles. Caregivers should help seniors avoid broken and uneven steps and other obstacles.

Common slip and fall injuries

If your loved one suffers a hip fracture, he or she may end up in a dangerous cycle. Hip fractures may require an operation for healing, followed by extended bed rest. Following the hip fracture, an older adult may face more risks of further injury. About 95% of all hip fractures occur because of a fall. About 300,000 older people face hospitalization every year because of hip fractures.

One out of every five falls ends in a severe injury. Patients may suffer from broken bones or head trauma. For older adults on blood thinners, head injuries can cause become deadly. Likewise, many adults begin fearing their everyday activities because they do not want to fall again.

There are various risk factors behind slips and falls, but when seniors have caregivers, they should rely on the caregiver to keep the environment safe.