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Steps you can take to help an elderly relative

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Elder Law | 0 comments

You know that an older relative or loved one might benefit from assistance in his or her life. This vulnerability could even require an elderly person to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Older individuals also face the possibility of abuse from a variety of sources. As a caregiver, even if you live a distance away, you can take some positive steps to help an elderly person cope with challenges.

Caregiver safety tips

The Florida Council on Aging recommends that you keep in contact with your older relative’s friends and neighbors, especially if you do not live nearby. You could even ask neighbors to contact you if they notice something amiss, such as mail or newspapers piling up.

It also makes sense to gather a current list of emergency services near the home of your elderly parent, relative or friend. This resource list could come in handy if you cannot get a hold of anyone and want to get information. Sometimes you can call on a professional organization to check on your loved one.

Smart device options

Technology can also help you in your efforts to provide the best caregiving to a distant person. These devices can include standards such as fire alarms as well as devices that notify an agency if a person has fallen down.

Cameras and motion detectors work well in some situations. They allow you real-time observations of the house or facility. This enables you to check in on your parent or loved one throughout the day. Motion detectors can also provide light in dark rooms when a person walks into the area. Creative methods can help your loved one lead a better life.