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3 things landlords can’t do

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are many reasons to live in a place owned by a landlord. You may prefer a rental because you have fewer responsibilities for maintenance, or a rental may be the best option for your budget.

No matter your reasons, there are times when a tenant and a landlord disagree on what the other can do. In these situations, it can seem like your landlord has all the power.

Here are three things that your landlord cannot do.

Enter unannounced

One of the primary rights you have as a tenant is to be able to use the space you are renting. When a landlord goes into your space unannounced, it can feel like having an intrusive roommate that you did not agree to.

There are times when a landlord needs to go into the space as part of their landlord duties, but in most cases, they must give you 24-48 hours’ notice before entering. Your landlord can also enter the space if there is an emergency like a fire, gas leak or natural disaster.

Inhibit your use

Part of being a tenant is being able to use the space. When a landlord gets in the way of you using the space by shutting off your utilities or changing the locks, it is called a self-help eviction and is illegal.

If a landlord has grounds to evict you, there is a specific procedure they must follow, which includes giving you notice. A landlord cannot interfere with your use of the property without going through the proper channels.

Raise the rent with no justification

For a landlord, renting out space is how they make their living, so it can be understandable that a landlord might want a raise now and then. However, similar to any other job, there must be a reason before a landlord can raise your rent, such as:

  • Inflation
  • A significant remodel
  • An additional tenant or pet

When you rent space from a landlord, it is essential to understand what your landlord can and cannot do. While it may seem simpler to let minor inconveniences pass, your landlord has specific obligations when they choose to rent their space.