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How to handle boundary disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Real Estate | 0 comments

Real estate boundary disputes can sometimes arise between property owners. These disputes can have negative consequences for all involved. They can contribute to strained relationships and uncertainty about property rights.

Boundary disputes often need property owners to invest time and money to resolve the issue.

Financial effects

Boundary disputes can have a significant financial impact on property owners. Surveyors, land experts and legal services may be necessary to come to a resolution, leading to large expenses. In fact, the average survey costs between $300-$700. Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding property boundaries can also affect real estate value. Potential buyers are often hesitant to invest in properties with unresolved boundary issues.

Relationship impact

Boundary disputes can hurt relationships between neighbors who used to get along well. Ongoing disagreements can lead to mistrust and hostility. Conflicts hinder communication between neighbors, making it difficult to address other shared concerns.

Usage restrictions

Until the property owners resolve the dispute, they may find themselves limited in how they can use their land. These limits can hinder the development of their property and restrict their enjoyment of it.

Dispute resolution

Property owners often hire professional surveyors to determine the property boundaries. Surveyors use precise measurements to help resolve disputes.

In some cases, property owners may choose to engage in mediation. A third party can ease discussions and guide the parties toward an acceptable resolution. Property owners may turn to the legal system to resolve boundary disputes as a last resort.

Future prevention

Property owners can prevent future disputes by maintaining clear and accurate property records. This might include deeds, surveys and agreements with neighbors. Open and respectful communication with neighbors can help address concerns before they escalate.

Real estate boundary issues can be stressful and have a financial impact. Resolving them as quickly and amicably as possible is in the best interest of both parties.